Was the Sesame Street Set Really Also Used for the TV Series 227?

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TV URBAN LEGEND: 227 used the same set as Sesame Street!

Alaina Reed Hall (who sadly passed away in 2009 from breast cancer) was a regular cast member on the 1980s sitcom 227. She had first come to national prominence as a cast member on the PBS children’s series Sesame Street (she actually did both shows for a few years before finally leaving Sesame Street).

So that, there, is a notable connection between the two shows. But there is a rumor that there was a much more amusing coincidence – that 227 used the same set as Sesame Street!!

Is it true?

Here is the front steps of the apartment building where 227, a show about a group of people who all lived in, well, apartment #227…

was set…

Now, on Sesame Street…

Here is the apartment building where Oscar the Grouch’s garbage cans are…

They’re supposedly the same set.

Of course, though, one show shot in New York (Sesame Street) and one was shot in California (227), so…not so much.

It is kind of cool to imagine 227 taking place on Sesame Street, though!

The legend is…


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