Comic Book Legends Revealed #400 (Part 1)

Welcome to the four hundredth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. This week, in honor of the four hundredth edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed, you’ll get a TRIPLE-sized column this week, in three parts. The special theme this week will be that I will feature one legend that was suggested to me in each of the nine years that I’ve been doing the column, so a legend someone suggested in 2005, a legend from 2006, etc. All the way up to 2013, which is only a few days old! Today, we learn the truth behind whether Steve Ditko and Stan Lee really fought over whether to reveal that Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin! We learn of the bizarre superhero version of the Shadow from the 1960s that was written by Superman creator, Jerry Siegel! Finally, we learn about how the Son of Sam case led police right to DC Comics!

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