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Funding a Problem?

SPORTS LEGEND: The Dallas Stars continue to pay Gary Glitter for the rights to play his song “Rock and Roll, Part 2” after Dallas goals, even after his arrest for sexual abuse and possession of child pornography.

Your Own Worst Enemy?

SPORTS LEGEND: A Thailand player intentionally scored on his own goal to give his team a better match-up in a tournament.

Fowl Play

SPORTS LEGEND: A professional golfer protested a missed putt during a playoff match due to duck dung being on the green.

Why Blue in a Sea of Green?

SPORTS LEGEND: The NCAA has a rule against Division 1 teams having turf colored anything but green, but Boise State was grandfathered in.

Dead Duck Bounce?

SPORTS LEGEND: Boise State’s blue turf causes duck to think it is water, leading ducks to dive into the turf and die.

I Don’t Think That’s What They Mean by a “Killer” Serve…

SPORTS LEGEND: A Wimbledon finalist was later convicted of murder.

Putting a Spin on a Loss

SPORTS LEGEND: During “The Battle of the Sexes” between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, there were special rules that gave King an advantage.

And Throw in a Cartoon to be Named Later…

SPORTS LEGEND: Al Michaels was traded from ABC to NBC in exchange for, among other things, the rights to a cartoon character.

The Golfers Are Real, Though, Right?

SPORTS LEGEND: CBS aired fake bird noises during their golf tournaments.

A Rhymin’ Fool

SPORTS LEGEND: Joe Theismann changed the way his name was pronounced so that it would rhyme with Heisman.