How Did Pancho Gonzales Gain His Facial Scar?

TENNIS URBAN LEGEND: Pancho Gonzales received a scar from a knife fight he had when a young teen. I’ve discussed Richard Alonzo “Pancho” Gonzales here in a past legend. To say Pancho Gonzales was misunderstood during his playing days is an understatement – he was so little known, it’d be hard to say that people […]

Did Tennis Tournaments Once Come Up With Rules Specifically to Handicap Pancho Gonzales’ Style of Play?

SPORTS LEGEND: The officials behind the pre-Open pro tennis tournaments once came up with a rule specifically to handicap Pancho Gonzales’ style of play. Before 1968, there were two separate tennis competitions – “amateur” and “pro.” The amateur tour has most (if not all) of the most famous tournaments, while professional tennis looked a lot […]