Did Sam Snead Really Make a Hole in One With Every Club in His Bag (Except the Putter)?

This is the latest in a series of examinations of urban legends related to golf and whether they are true or false.

SPORTS LEGEND: Sam Snead made a hole in one with every club in his bag (except for his putter).

It just sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Like the sort of thing you just tell a guy for the heck of it. “Oh yeah, Sam Snead? He totally hit a hole in one with every club in his bag!” Then, just for authenticity’s sake, “Oh, except for the putter, of course!”

However, remarkably enough, it’s true.


Sam Snead is one of the most famous golfers of the 20th Century, a winner of seven major championships – three Masters, three PGA Championships and one British Open.


But perhaps most remarkable of all (to me, at least) is that of the thirty-seven holes-in-one (or “aces”) that Snead hit over his career, he had one for each of the clubs in his bag (except, as mentioned before, his putter).

That’s an interesting story, but the fact that it is actually TRUE just blows me away, but according to Golf Digest (who are real sticklers when it comes to approving these things, as you can only imagine how many stories take place on courses without video):

The holes-in-one he made with every club in the bag, including a 3-iron swung using only his left hand, were all witnessed and attested.


Chris Rodell also relates the story in his book about Holes-in-One (click on the link to purchase a copy), Hole In One! The Complete Book Of Facts, Legend And Lore On Golf’s Luckiest Shots.



Thanks to Golf Digest and Chris Rodell for the information!

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  1. I had a 195 yd hole in one with a ping putter in 1992. Over water documented in golf digest

  2. Where did the quote, ” I’m Sam Snead, you better recognize me.”, come from?

  3. The rapper Sam Sneed.

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