Another Slight Change…

I like the new set-up, I think it looks a lot nicer.

That said, that still leaves a whole pile of legends left in the old format, so what I figure I’ll do is for the next couple of weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll re-post the old legends in the current format. It is just annoying to me that Baseball Legends Revealed, for instance, is only on #3 while TV Legends Revealed are going to be up to #11 this week.

So this way, the Sports Legends will soon basically catch up to where the Entertainment Legends are, numbers-wise.

And when people look back at this in the future, it’ll make a lot more sense than “Well, you see, here are a bunch of orderly numbered legends and here are 10-20 stray legends for some reason.”

One Response to “Another Slight Change…”

  1. How long until this project is done, and new legends start appearing?

    We’ve had no sports legends since June 19…

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