Did CBS Air Fake Bird Noises During a Golf Tournament?

SPORTS LEGEND: CBS aired fake bird noises during their golf tournaments.

The 2000 Masters Golf Tournament was won by Vijay Singh.


However, it was a whole other type of singing that ended up with CBS, who aired the 2000 PGA tournaments on television, receiving a great deal of criticism.

The Masters tournament is always held the first week of April at the Augusta National Golf Club in August, Georgia, so there’s usually some nice Spring days to see the golf. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping…wait a sec, ARE the birds chirping?

As it turned out, in 2000, CBS was actually pumping in recorded bird noises during their television coverage of various PGA golf tournaments, to give it a more naturalistic feel…to an outdoor tournament!!

They figured that the quiet would be unsettling, so they added chirping.

The ruse was discovered in August of 2000, when CBS aired the PGA Tournament in Kentucky. You see, their problem was that the birds on the tape were species that were not native to the tournament location and/or wouldn’t be singing in August.

Bird enthusiasts quickly picked up on it, and CBS copped to the ruse.

Apparently, they have not done it since, so that’s good!


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