Did Ole Miss Change the Speed Limit Around Their Campus to Honor Archie Manning?

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FOOTBALL URBAN LEGEND: Ole Miss changed the speed limit around campus in honor of former Ole Miss great Archie Manning.

College football stars often take on almost mythic proportions in the minds of the fans and students of their universities, with particularly beloved players still drawing crowds for speaking engagements decades after they last suited up for their alma mater. Archie Manning of the University of Mississippi is perhaps the prototypical example of an athlete who is practically worshiped at his old school.

Manning starred in all three seasons he played for Ole Miss, setting numerous records and winning countless awards (although never the Heisman Trophy).

He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Ole Miss, though, gave him an even more unique honor…

The speed limit at the campus at Ole Miss was forever changed to 18 miles per hour in honor of Manning’s #18.

That’s a pretty darn neat tribute, huh?

The legend is…


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