Did a Player Once Receive a Penalty During a Soccer Game For Loud Flatulance?

SPORTS LEGEND: A referee assessed an ungentlemanly conduct foul on a player for loud flatulence during a penalty kick.

This past April 4, Chorlton Villa had a match against the International Manchester Football Club…


Villa was leading late in the match when Manchester was lining up for a penalty kick. The kick was saved, however, the ref through a yellow card because a Villa player had passed gas very loudly as the penalty kick was being made.

The referee determined that the player was intentionally trying to distract the opposing team’s player, so a yellow card was thrown for unsportsmanlike conduct and the penalty kick was re-shot.

Manchester scored on the re-taken penalty.

Villa’s goalie was thrown out of the game for saying the referee was “the worst he had seen in years.”

Another Villa player was also tossed after expressing incredulity that a player was actually punished for breaking wind.

Villa, in the end, got the last laugh, as they won 6-4.

Thanks to Neal Keeling for the information!


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