What is the NHL Version of “Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You/Gonna Knock You Right on the Head”?

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HOCKEY URBAN LEGEND: There was a remarkable act of almost instant karma in a 2001 Chicago Blackhawks/Colorado Avalanche game.

On January 26, 2001, the Chicago Blackhawks visited Colorado to take on the Avalanche in a fairly standard regular season game – the Blackhawks lost 5-2 to go three games under .500 on their way to their fifth straight losing season (and fourth straight season missing the playoffs) while the Avalanche won on the way to their second Stanley Cup championship.

However, one very NON standard event took place during the game, and it involved the Blackhawks’ leading scorer, Steve Sullivan and, as John Lennon once sang (see the lyrics in the title of this post), “Instant Karma.”

Early in the game, Sullivan was hit by a high stick….

As you might imagine, that did some damage to Sullivan’s face…

While he was dealing with his injury, some Colorado Avalanche fan decided to be a total jerk and taunt Sullivan over his injury…

Totally low class move, right?

Well, anyhow, Sullivan gets his injury addressed and then goes on to score not one, but TWO shorthanded goals (granted, in a losing effort, but still!).

And then, the best part – late in the game, the Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy deflects a shot on goal. The puck goes flying into the crowd, and who does it hit in the face but…yep, you guessed it!!!

And, of course, Sullivan goes over to talk some “smack” of his own, which the fan does not like…

The best part is when the fan’s female friend/wife/girlfriend/whatever takes a break from putting a towel on the guy’s injury to laugh and give Sullivan a thumbs up!!!

Can you imagine a more direct example of karma?

The legend is…


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