Hockey Urban Legends History

Here are quick descriptions of each of the previous editions of Hockey Legends Revealed.

To see if they are true or false, you have to click on the link!

1. The H on the Canadien’s jerseys stands for “Habitants”

2. A team once traded a player twice on the same night!

3. Patrick Roy once decided to just take the puck and skate up at the opposing team’s net.

4. There was a remarkable act of almost instant karma in a 2001 Chicago Blackhawks/Colorado Avalanche game.

5. The Detroit Red Wings used to lend their trainer to other teams if they needed a goalie for a game.

6. A Superior Court Judge allowed a suspended coach to coach a playoff game.

7. A Hall of Fame goalie used to vomit before each game.

8. Wayne Gretzky coined the phrase “Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is.”

9. A father of an NHL player held up a local CBC station to get them to air his son’s game.

10. Ed Olczyk took his time with the Stanley Cup in 1994 to let the winning horse of the 1994 Kentucky Derby use the Cup as a feedbag.

11. Six weeks after having Last Rites performed for him, a hockey player was playing in the Stanley Cup Finals!

12. A professional wrestling promoter ended up securing the Montreal Canadiens’ place in professional hockey history.

13. Bruce Gamble died during an Old Timer’s Game.

Ta da!

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