Did a Convicted Man Ask for his Sentence to be INCREASED to Honor his Favorite Basketball Player?

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BASKETBALL URBAN LEGEND: A convicted man asked for his sentence to be INCREASED to honor his favorite basketball player.

Eric James Torpy was in a bind in October of 2005.

The Oklahoma City man was charged with shooting with intent to rob and kill.

His defense attorney and the prosecutors worked out a plea agreement for Torpy – he would plead guilty and serve 30 years for the charge.

Torpy, though, had a different idea in mind.

Going under the notion that 33 years was not much different than 30 years (I don’t know if I should even say “going under the notion,” as it makes it sound like he was using logic), Torpy petitioned the court to EXTEND the agreed upon sentence from 30 years to 33 years.


Why to honor his favorite basketball player, Larry Bird, #33, of course!

I sure hope for EVERYone’s sake that this is the oddest tribute that Larry Bird has ever received.

The legend is…


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