Basketball Urban Legends History

Here are quick descriptions of each of the previous editions of Basketball Legends Revealed.

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1. The Celtics were once forced to play a game at midnight due to the Ice Capades!

2. The Harlem Globetrotters began in Chicago.

3. Michael Jordan was cut by his high school basketball team.

4. Future NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue was Georgetown’s career leader in total rebounds and rebounds per game when he graduated.

5. Larry Bird played a game where he shot all of his shots left-handed.

6. The United States voted against sending National Basketball Association players to the 1992 Olympics.

7. Danny Ainge once bit Tree Rollins during a playoff game.

8. Jim Thorpe played professional basketball.

9. Chuck Connors was once punished in a peculiar fashion for his reaction to a tough loss against the St. Louis Bombers.

10. An NCAA basketball game once ended with a team playing 1-on-5!

11. Del Harris once set a pick on Michael Adams during a game!

12. Dave Cowens once took a break from the Celtics during the season to drive a cab.

13. A convicted man asked for his sentence to be INCREASED to honor his favorite basketball player.

14. Wilt Chamberlain had an infamously poor reaction to his coach’s invention of morning shootarounds.

15. Wilt Chamberlain is in the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

16. The “Larry Bird exception” to the NBA salary cap got its name from the Celtics being the first team to go over the salary cap to re-sign one of their players, namely Larry Bird.

17. Michael Jordan bought a fancy team bus for his minor league baseball team to ride around in.

18. An NBA player tried to get a triple double though a somewhat…odd fashion.

19. Anfernee Hardaway was named “Anfernee” by mistake.

20. While in the NBA, Dave Bing went to work for the same bank that denied him a mortgage for a house.

21. NBA guard Eric Gordon played Michael Jordan’s son in the film Space Jam.

22. There was a strange piece of deja vu involved with one the first NBA games ever to be replayed – the so-called “Phantom Buzzer” game.

23. The NBA tried out 12-foot rims to handicap George Mikan.

24. The Knicks participated in a special lottery where they nearly drafted Bob Cousy!

25. Red Holzman got his start in professional basketball due to the fact that he was Jewish.

26. A 2001 game between Michigan State and the University of Virginia was canceled due to a bizarre situation with the floor of the court.

27. The Philadelphia Warriors drafted Wilt Chamberlain while he was still in high school.

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