Did Barbie Once Come With a Weight Loss Advice Book That Simply Read “Don’t Eat”?

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TOY URBAN LEGEND: Barbie was once sold with a diet book that simply read “don’t eat”?

Something that anyone telling jokes has to keep in mind is that context is often king. Something that is clearly meant as a joke in one context could be read as something else entirely in another context. I believe that this is at the heart of the infamous story of the weight loss advice book that came with Slumber Party Barbie.

In 1965, Mattel released “Slumber Party Barbie.”


Among the accessories in the release is a scale that is set to 110 pounds.


In addition, the doll comes with a weight loss advice book that simply read “Don’t Eat.”


I think that it was meant as a joke. There is no room in the tiny book for any other words. However, this particular joke definitely does fall flat.

There were other books for other Barbie releases of the era, although none of the other books included words…


The set was modified and renamed Sleepytime Barbie in 1966 to omit the scale, but the book lasted as long as this particular set was being produced (which was just through 1967).

The most recent release of a set like this (Pajama Barbie) does not have anything like the scale or the weight loss advice book…


Anyhow, the legend is…


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5 Responses to “Did Barbie Once Come With a Weight Loss Advice Book That Simply Read “Don’t Eat”?”

  1. Barbie’s 60’s robe is fabulous! Girl had taste.

  2. Ha! It really is a nice robe.

  3. And Mattell wonders why people complain about Barbie

  4. Well, while don’t get me wrong, this IS really bad, it was also nearly 50 years ago, ya know?

  5. […] produced until 1967. The scale was omitted from the accessories, but the book was still intact. [ x ]Edited at 2018-06-26 05:01 pm […]

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