Is Darkwing Duck Coming Back to Television in 2018?

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TV URBAN LEGEND: Darkwing Duck is returning to television in 2018.

I don’t usually feature stuff this current, but when you see Darkwing Duck actually trending on Twitter, it suggests that there is a lot of people who believe something, so it is worthwhile confirming it or debunking it.

There are seemingly tons of old television shows that are returning to the air in the coming year or so, from the X-Files to Full House to Twin Peaks. So when the news came out that Darkwing Duck was returning to Disney XD with new episodes in 2018, it seems believable enough.


But is it true?

No, it is not.

A new COMIC BOOK is launching in April, but when Nerdist reported on it, it linked to an April Fool’s joke last year and, well, you know how these things work by now, a few games of telephone later and suddenly the new show was being reported on a bunch of different sites and when a bunch of sites report on something, people tend to believe it (reasonably enough, honestly).

So no, there are no plans for a new Darkwing Duck TV series, but hey, there’s enough time between now and 2018 that maybe one can get into production in time for this to be retroactively true!

But for now, the legend is…


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  1. Update: Darkwing Duck is back on television as of 2019, as a cast member on the rebooted DuckTales series.

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