Did Danny Aiello Record A Response Song and Music Video to Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach”?

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MUSIC URBAN LEGEND: Danny Aiello recorded a response song and music video to “Papa Don’t Preach”.

“Papa Don’t Preach” was a hit song by Madonna off of her third studio album, True Blue, which came out in 1986. It reached #1 on the Billboard charts. The music video was a sensation, winning the MTV Award for “Best Female Video.”

The video co-starred Danny Aiello as the father of Madonna’s character, who has to come to Aiello to reveal that she has gotten pregnant.

Amazingly enough, Aiello actually released a RESPONSE song and music video to “Papa Don’t Preach”! Read on to see the hilarious reason behind the song and the even more hilarious video!

You see, as it turned out, Aiello did not have a good experience filming the video. He told the Huffington Post in 2011:

“You know, that came about in a very strange way,” Danny explains. “I had no idea who [Madonna] was, so I said to [daughter] Stacey in passing, ‘They want me to do this music video with this girl named Madonna.’She said, ‘Dad, Dad, you have to.’ I went back and said I’ll do it if my daughter is permitted on the set taking pictures with Madonna. … Madonna sort of backed up and told her representative that I don’t do that. My daughter has hated her ever since. … I’m a movie actor doing this piece of crap!”

So Aiello then released his song later the same year, “Papa Just Wants the Best For You” and it is as awesome as it sounds…

Wow. Just wow. Aiello told Liz Smith at the time that the tragedy of the father at first turning his back on his daughter haunted him and he decided he’d make some kind of new statement on his own.

And what a statement it was!

The legend is…


Thanks to reader Ken H. for writing in to me about this one, and thanks to the website Dangerous Minds for putting it out there so that Ken would know about it. And thanks, of course, to Danny Aiello for posting the video on his YouTube page!

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