Did Vera-Ellen’s Neck Have to be Covered During the Filming of White Christmas Because it was Ravaged by the Effects of Anorexia?

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MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Vera-Ellen neck had to be covered at all times in the film White Christmas because her neck was ravaged by the effects of anorexia.

Vera-Ellen was a popular musical actress during the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

She appeared in such legendary musicals as On The Town and White Christmas.

Here she is in On the Town (1949) (she is the third woman in the picture)…


Here, then, are a number of pictures of Vere-Ellen from the 1954 film, White Christmas…





As you might notice, Vera-Ellen’s neck is covered in all of these pictures. In fact, her neck is covered up in the entirety of White Christmas.

Vera-Ellen was an extremely thin woman who died in 1980 (at the age of 61). While never officially diagnosed during her lifetime (heck, the term itself was barely around during her lifetime), Vera-Ellen is alleged to have suffered from either anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa (or possibly both).

Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness pertaining to a distorted view of how skinny a person is that results in many different effects in people, most specifically, the physical problems of having their body waste away due to their belief that they are too fat. Bulimia nervosa is a similar illness where women binge eat and then purge (through vomiting, laxatives or other means) what they eat. Some women alternate between anorexia and bulimia.

Vera-Ellen was an EXTREMELY skinny woman for the rest of her life, and biographers of her have made it pretty clear that she suffered from one or both of the diseases (it was perhaps exacerbated by studio weight requirements, something that afflicted Judy Garland, as well).

While it has not been proven, I do agree that the circumstantial evidence is probably there enough that I would tend to agree that she had SOME sort of eating disorder.

Bill Dennington, a friend of Vera-Ellen, had the following to say on the matter:

Vera-Ellen was a friend for 20 years until her death. I was in L.A. and had lunch with her 2 weeks prior to her death. If you’ve read David Soren’s book Vera-Ellen: The Magic and The Mystery you would have seen my personal photographs of Vera-Ellen. The photographs were taken in the 60’s and 70’s and she looked fine. All of her life she wore something around her neck, a necklace,a choker, a scarf, a collar, etc., etc. It was her “trademark” like Van Johnson wore red socks. I saw her neck many times it was lovely…..like Audrey Hepburns. Hate that people think of her as “the dancer with anorexia” and not just the FABULOUS DANCER WHO HAS BEEN SO OVERLOOKED !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Bill for his valuable insight.

In addition, Vera-Ellen’s niece, Ileana Rothschild, stopped by to share her thoughts, as well:

I am Ileana Rothschild, and Vera Ellen was my aunt by marriage. I was born in 1967 and my mother and I went for my first visit to my aunt Vera’s home on Outpost Cove in Hollywood, CA.
My mother became one of her very close friends, and Aunt Vera gave her many of her baby Victoria’s personal items for me.
I know for a fact that Vera never stopped taking dance classes and maintained her slim figure always. Vera was an avid swimmer and she took me for my very first swim with her in her beautiful heated pool when I was only one month old.
My mother and Vera stayed good friends and often had dinner together. At times when having dinner at Vera’s home they were accompanied by Vera’s aged mother.
At this time Aunt Vera had been recovering from a mild stroke and would use a regimented swimming program as part of her total recovery: but had no eating disorder.
My aunt Vera Ellen was a fine loving and kind person with a beautifully toned body, which she always maintained.

Thanks for sharing, Ileana!

In any event, to the matter at hand – the story is that Vera-Ellen’s neck had to be covered up in White Christmas because they (quoting from her wikipedia page here, to give you an idea of what the general thought is regarding the situation):

were designed to cover her neck, which was aged beyond her years due to her eating disorder.

If you search around, you’ll get that basic story in lots of places.

However, while I would agree that it seems to be too much of a coincidence that they happened to cover her neck in EVERY shot in White Christmas, I differ about the reason behind it.

One of the great “piece of Hollywood history” films that is available to us is the filming of the premiere of A Star is Born in September of 1954.

White Christmas filmed in late 1953.

Here is Vera-Ellen at the red carpet in September of 1954…



As you can see, Vera-Ellen’s neck is clearly evident in the shots, and her neck looks fine.

Similarly, here is a shot of Vera-Ellen from early 1953, right around the time she was filming Big Leaguer (which was filmed during Spring Training 1953).

So right before she filmed White Christmas and less than a year after she filmed White Christmas her neck looked fine.

This, of course, does not mean that there was not SOMEthing wrong with her neck during the filming of White Christmas, of course.

But the most commonly repeated story about it is that her neck was so ravaged with seeming old age that they had to cover it up, and that’s NOT the sort of thing that would just clear up in a year after not being present just a few months earlier in 1953, so that’s why I’m going with false, even though there could be some OTHER anorexia-related reason for the neck covering (like a general “It looked odd on camera uncovered”).

In addition, as Bill theorized, it could simply be something as simple as a covered neck being her trademark, like Van Johnson always wearing red socks or Flo in those auto insurance ads always wearing an open collar shirt.

Here’s the footage of Vera-Ellen from the 1954 event if you’d like to see her some more…

Thanks to LisaLaLisa92 for the footage and thanks to Doctor Macro for the great scans of Vera-Ellen from White Christmas. And thanks again to Bill and Ileana for their valuable insight into the life of a wonderful dancer who really HAS been far too overlooked in film history.

The legend is…

STATUS: I’m Going With False

Feel free (heck, I implore you!) to write in with your suggestions for future urban legends columns! My e-mail address is bcronin@legendsrevealed.com

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13 Responses to “Did Vera-Ellen’s Neck Have to be Covered During the Filming of White Christmas Because it was Ravaged by the Effects of Anorexia?”

  1. I tend to think it’s probably false that the studio insisted Vera-Ellen’s neck be covered for “White Christmas” because her lower half looks extremely thin in the dance numbers where she’s basically wearing fishnet hose and a costume best described as a beaded and sequined one-piece swimsuit. If the studio had been so concerned, they likely would have insisted on longer skirts to cover her skinny thighs and bony hips, which are much more obvious in the film as opposed to photo stills. No one thought someone being “too thin” was cause for concern in those days.

  2. I just watched the film and she doesn’t look any thinner than I’d expect from a dancer.

  3. Sheridan Picking on February 9th, 2013 at 8:30 pm

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  4. I honestly can’t tell. Is this spam or what?

  5. Has anyone ever noticed the resemblance of Vera Ellen’s looks and shape to the original Barbie doll that came out in 1959? She is a dead ringer for the doll.

  6. An anorexic never looks that vibrant or energetic. She was very active personally and professionally. She was petite as well. Her costumes if compared with Rosemary Clooney were custom made and fitted to flatter their assets as well as hide their flaws.

  7. I have been a huge fan of Vera-Ellen for so many years – I saw White Christmas first when I was about 7, which is 44 years ago : ) I’ve always loved Danny Kaye’s comedic turns in films and TV, but Vera-Ellen took my breath away even then with her dance numbers. Even at that age, I marveled at how much she resembled a Barbie doll – or did the Barbie doll model her?? Her super small waistline and seemingly long legs – was she really only 5’4″ – that is what is posted on IMDB, but she looked so much taller.

    She may or may not have had an eating disorder, but her dancing speaks for a very well-conditioned athlete who worked hours on end to make those films. I’m not sure someone who was ill could do that. With respect to the neck covering costumes, it makes sense, as they would want to show her legs, but she wasn’t tall – adding more costume around her shoulders and neck serves to elongate her body… which may be why she continued the trend later in life. Who knows?

    Her talent was so amazing, but her personal losses sadly took their toll. I just hope that people continue to see and appreciate her talent.

  8. Vera Ellen was anorexic no doubt…she was way too then in White Christmas you would have to be blind to not notice. It is a fact camera adds 10 pounds so guess what? She was even thinner in real life! Dancers are often anorexic like ballet dancers and models! Audrey Hepburn was too! It is so out there in the open fact that it is crazy to discuss the obvious! As much as we love these stars they were anorexic. They had to be really thin to dance in such a way it is easier to pull off then being medium weight! Like a body builder who is bulked! I feel bad for Vera’s baby dying of Sids! Wish she had tried again for she was lovely!

  9. Reports of Anorexia/ odd eating habits and being a recluse are simply ridiculous. So-called biographers are often no more than sensationalists who’s embellished imaginations of the stars takes on a life of it’s own in order to shock and tantalize the public’s curiosity. All movie stars did not have sensational lives, did not sleep with half as many people as media would have you believe. They have had people having affairs who have never even met each other or living in places they have never been. Watch the movie “Sweet Smell of Success” which gives a great insight to how Hollywood tabloid was run then and now.

  10. I have seen her in many films and she seems to be the same size in them. I don’t know why she covered her neck throughout the movie White Xmas, but it didn’t interfere with her awesome dancing! I also agree with Pat Ogle saying she’s a dead ringer for the Barbie doll….how true.

  11. As someone who has worked with people with anorexia on a professional level , I’ve never looked at Vera-Ellen and seen any of the little physical give-aways that someone has anorexia.

  12. I always thought that she was the most beautiful woman to ever walk this earth. Sixty years, six months and two weeks was not enough time.


    Tom Degan

  13. Vera Ellen had a disproportionately long torso for someone who was 5ft 4 inches, and her photo trick of standing on her toes made her look taller than she was.
    If you could find a picture of her standing flat footed, you would see that she has an extra long torso in proportion to her legs. That same proportion in a man, would make him need a Tall in a shirt, regardless of his leg length.
    I notice this because I sew for people with physical anomalies.
    My husband wears a Tall shirt, and has a 30 inch inseam, the same as I, and I am only 5 ft 4 inches.
    Her long torso and slim body permitted her tiny waist. A short torso a la Judy Garland, makes a tiny waist more difficult to achieve. Those inner organs have to fit in somewhere.
    That is why babies and toddlers have bellies, their torso has not gotten long enough yet to hold all the organs in the available space, so the organs stick out in a belly.

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