Will Kirk Cameron Really Not Kiss Anyone But His Wife, Not Even For Acting Roles?

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MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Kirk Cameron will not kiss any woman other than his wife, not even for an acting role.

Kirk Cameron is a curiosity in the film world, as the former Growing Pains star pursues a career still as an actor (mostly in films) but at the same time, he also has his own Christian evangelical ministry – The Way of the Master.

Cameron’s identity as a Christian evangelist naturally impacts the roles he takes as an actor, as he chooses to concentrate on films having to do with his faith.

These include the Left Behind film series (about the people on Earth who are, well, left behind, after the good Christians go to heaven during the Rapture) and the recent surprise independent film hit, Fireproof.

In the film, Fireproof, Cameron plays a fireman whose marriage is falling apart, at least partially due to his temper and his addiction to internet pornography. Through a renewed faith in God, though, he repairs his life and his marriage.

In the film, Cameron acts opposite actress Erin Bethea, who plays his wife in the film.


However, Kirk Cameron is married to Chelsea Noble, an actress who played his girlfriend in the later seasons of Growing Pains.


Cameron believes strongly in the sanctity of marriage, to the point where he will not kiss anyone but his wife!

So how does that work when the guy is in the acting domain, you might ask?

Well, in Fireproof, a dramatic kiss takes place to mark the reconciliation between Cameron’s character and his wife. When it came time to shoot the scene, though, Chelsea Noble played the wife instead of Erin Bethea! Noble wore a wig and the director had the scene lit so that the kiss would appear in silhouette, so that when they kiss, the audience cannot tell that it is not Erin Bethea in the scene.

Now that’s some real dedication to a principle right there! Talk about taking out insurance for your beliefs!

The legend is…


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11 Responses to “Will Kirk Cameron Really Not Kiss Anyone But His Wife, Not Even For Acting Roles?”

  1. It’s not the “good” Christians that are taken up; in the movie, nor in The Bible. It’s those who have accepted Jesus as their savior. One who has done that is commonly referred to as Christian, all though not all those who profess to be Christians have accepted Jesus.
    Good and bad are not even a factor. It’s the obedience of God’s command that weighs the balance.

    Romans 10:9&10, John 3:16, etc. Pretty darn clear.

    Thx. :^)

  2. What an honorabl man! Hollywood is filled with so many scandalous stories of married couples that are unfaithful to each other- it’s so refreshing to read about someone that remains faithful to their spouse, even when acting!

  3. I think it’s awesome that he will only kiss his wife. I really respect him for that.

  4. Soooo honorable!!!

  5. We need more like him in Hollywood! Maybe my family could go back to watching movies.
    I think he is an honorable man. Wish we had more like him.

  6. yeah well, i really like him and respect his decision, but his wife kissed the pilot in the movie left behind.

  7. That’s so great! He has a very lucky wife! If all men were more like this, we wouldn’t have a 60% divorce rate!

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  9. @Dany You said Chelsea kissed the pilot I the movie “Left Behind” but in truth they did not kiss. If you go back to the movie on Netflix you can see they cut away just as their lips are about two inches from connecting. It is an illusion they are trying to make you think that.

    Way to go Kirk I have always thought that the scenes could be manipulated to show enough of an illusion without actually doing the act. It leaves too much temptation to kiss someone to show real passion on set without stirring real passion. I think everyone should follow your lead but I think they want an excuse to kiss their leading lady/man.

  10. If only all christian and non christian did the same they wouldn’t be so many break ups and divorce. It osys to say faithful. God bless you Kirk Cameron you are doing a great job and mission

  11. Loved all of his movies! They are a great couple & definitely wish we had more family movies tailored to good relationships, family, morals, & faith. So much violence & nudity now a days~ not many movies younger kids can watch even so called PG 13 anymore it seems, just a shame.
    Kudos to you Kirk Cameron~ keep up the nice work!!

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