Did Kevin Smith Once Picket His Own Film?

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MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Kevin Smith once picketed his own film.

Dogma, a 1999 action comedy film by writer/director Kevin Smith, satirized the Catholic Church and, well, their dogma.


The film, as you might expect, drew a lot of controversy and even a smattering of protests.

One such protest was in New Jersey, outside a movie theater showing the film. It was not exactly a well attended protest, but it did have one familiar looking face in the crowd of picketers…


Kevin Smith, himself.

Smith apparently decided it would be fun to mingle with the protesters, and he even was interviewed by a local news crew!


When asked about his views, Smith (who would not admit or deny that he was, in fact, Smith, but, well, come on!) says “I don’t think it stands for anything positive.”

To this, the reporter asks, “What does it stand for?”

Smith replies, “I don’t know, but I’ve been told not good.”


The legend is…


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