Board Game Urban Legends History

Here are quick descriptions of each of the previous editions of Board Game Urban Legends Revealed.

To see if they are true or false, you have to click on the link!

1. Milton Bradley got into board games because Abraham Lincoln grew a beard.

2. Harry Nelson Pillsbury died due to the ill effects of playing chess blindfolded.

3. For lack of a Scrabble tile, Trivial Pursuit was born.

4. Monopoly was created by Charles Darrow.

5. The predecessor to Monopoly was created to demonstrate the teachings of Georgism.

6. Monopoly was once ruled a generic term and un-trademarkable.

7. Candyland had to sue to get the rights to away from a porn company.

8. The Milton Bradley board game for the Pyramid television show was different from the game on the show because the show was worried that the gave would help potential contestants too much.

9. Milton Bradley invented the paper cutter.

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