Legends Revealed Recommendations – Atari: Game Over

I know I don’t typically diverge from just posting legends on the site, but I thought it would be worthwhile to try a little something different. I am now going to post occasional reviews of movies, TV shows or books that I think are specifically related to entertainment and sports legends. You know, like a book that goes into interesting behind-the-scenes secrets or a documentary that could serve as fodder for a future legend.

The first movie I want to talk about is Atari: Game Over, a documentary from last year about the rise and fall of Atari.

The documentary is cleverly framed around the search for the truth behind the urban legend that thousands of unsold E.T. video game cartridges were buried in a New Mexico landfill during the 1980s. That in of itself is an interesting topic (and really the main reason why I figured I’d post it here in particular), but the whole story of the ups and downs of Atari is fascinating, especially the designer who designed E.T.

Go check it out. It’s currently available to stream on Netflix! Here is a trailer for the film…

Check Out This Cool Book About Back to the Future!

My pal Rich Handley has co-written a new book about Back to the Future. I figure it’ll be appealing to you Legends fans out there!

Here’s a description of the book:

Great Scott, the space-time continuum can be a tricky place to navigate! But fear not, time-travelers, for your troubles are over. The next time you hop into your DeLorean, bring along Back in Time: The Back to the Future Chronology to guide you through every galaxy-shattering paradox.

Back in Time explores the complex timelines of Back to the Future, as presented in the films, cartoons, novels, comics, video games, card game and even McDonalds Happy Meal boxes. Bring some spare plutonium or a few empty cans for the Mr. Fusion, and prepare to blast to the past, as The Back to the Future Chronology brings you:

*A detailed history of the Back to the Future mythos, from the dinosaur age to a staggering three quadrillion years into Earth’s future
*A stunning painted cover and more than 40 breathtaking interior sketches from artist Pat Carbajal, produced exclusively for this volume
*An insightful foreword by Dan Madsen, founder and publisher of the original Back to the Future Fan Club
*A nostalgic essay examining Hill Valley’s prominent families and significant events, from the town’s Old West frontier beginnings to a future world of barbarians, dragons and sorcerers
*A comprehensive map offering a comparative view of the businesses and shops of Hill Valley’s Courthouse Square, in numerous eras across divergent timelines
*Detailed family trees listing all known members of the McFly, Brown, Tannen, Baines, Parker, Strickland and Clayton bloodlines
*A mini-timeline presenting all known jumps through space-time in a coherent, chronological context, broken down by mode of temporal travel
*An examination of the main characters’ brushes with fame, as Doc and Marty reshaped history and encountered historical figures, their own idols—and even a few characters from other franchises

Designed for both casual fans and those who know the names of Jennifer Parker’s three grandfathers, The Back to the Future Chronology is your guide to Hill Valley history.

Click here for more info.

A Black Friday Sale That You All Hopefully Can Get Behind

My latest book, Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent And Other Amazing Comic Book Trivia, is on sale at Amazon.com for just $10.20. Also, you can buy BOTH of my books (Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent and my first one, Was Superman A Spy And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed) for just $21.40!

The perfect Christmas present for…well…everyone!

Check it out here (do note that if you buy the book, or anything else on Amazon, using that link, I get a cut of the sale – same wityh all the Amazon links I have on the site. It’s Black Friday, go nuts on the Amazon links!).

My New Book Is Out!

My new book, Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? (the answer, of course, is so he can repel sharks…and other dangerous sea creatures) is out today!

The book contains a series of lists about comic books. Some examples include the three topics depicted on the cover (which was drawn by Kevin Hopgood, the fellow who designed War Machine’s armor)…

Seven Bands That Got Their Names from Comic Books
Six Fellow Superheroes That Wolverine Has Stabbed at One Point or Another
Ten Crazy Items Found in Batman’s Utility Belt

Essentially, it is all the sort of stuff you expect from my comic book writing! Roughly 75% of it is brand-new material!

In addition, there are twenty-two guest lists by a whole bunch of great comic creators. Some examples include the three creators mentioned on the cover….

Mark Millar’s “Five ‘WTF?’ Moments in Comic Book History?”
Dave Gibbons’ “Six Great Silver Age Covers”
Geoff Johns’ “Nine Iconic Green Lantern Covers”

The other creators who contributed lists are (in alphabetical order): Jason Aaron, Scott Allie, Paige Braddock, Peter David, J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Deodato, Jay Faerber, Kieron Gillen, Gabriel Hardman, Frazer Irving, Jeff Lemire, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Rozum, Marc Sumerak, Eric Trautmann, Fred Van Lente, Mark Waid, Zeb Wells and Skottie Young.

Order a copy today at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell’s Books and many more fine online bookstores (or buy it in whichever brick and mortar store you enjoy)!

If you buy it from Amazon, I get a cut, but really, buy it from wherever you’d like! A sale is a sale!

The important thing is buying it. 😉

Welcome to Entertainment Legends Revealed!

With the release in two weeks of my new book, Was Superman a Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed (see the sidebar to pre-order a copy!), I thought it would be neat to have a site here (and at Sports Legends Revealed) where I can discuss other legends revealed!

The way this will work is that each week day I will feature three legends from a different part of the world of entertainment.

On Mondays, it is a grab bag. You might have Legends about Musicals, Legends about Board Games, Legends about Video Games, Legends about Plays, Legends about Toys, Legends about Novels, Legends about Wrestling, basically any area of entertainment that is not covered on the other four days of the week.

On Tuesdays, TV Legends are featured.

On Wednesdays, Music Legends are featured.

On Thursdays, Comic Book Legends are featured (through a link to my comic blog, Comics Should Be Good, where the comic book legends are hosted).

On Fridays, Movie Legends are featured.

The web site, Snopes.com, is a great reference site for legends. Be sure to check out their various entertainment legends, because I won’t be featuring any legends that were featured there first (as that would be pretty lame, wouldn’t it?).

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the site!

You can always reach me at bcronin@legendsrevealed.com to suggest legends to be featured or for any other reason, really.