Movie Urban Legends History

Here are quick descriptions of each of the previous editions of Movie Urban Legends Revealed.

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* Ariel from the Little Mermaid was based on the facial features of Alyssa Milano.

* George Reeves had a number of scenes cut out of From Here to Eternity because test audiences were too jarred at seeing TV’s Superman in the film.

* J. Edgar Hoover had casting say over the film The FBI Story.

* Tony Curtis said that kissing Marilyn Monroe was “like kissing Hitler.”

* Kirk Cameron will not kiss any woman other than his wife, not even for an acting role.

* The actor who played Alfalfa in the Little Rascals films is buried with a drawing of his dog from the films.

* Nia Vardalos worked on the film Sorority Sluts 3.

* Filming of Cheyenne Autumn was halted due to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

* In Singin’ in the Rain, there was a bizarre series of voice dubbings.

* Vera Ellen neck had to be covered at all times in the film White Christmas because her neck was ravaged by the effects of anorexia.

* Burt Reynolds turned down an Academy Award-winning acting role that was specifically written with him in mind so that he could do Stroker Ace.

* People all across the United States were flooded with calls due to their number being shown in the film Bruce Almighty, including a church with a pastor named Bruce!!!

* “As Time Goes By” would have been removed from Casablance had it not been for a haircut.

* John Patrick Shanley has it written into his contract that no words in his screenplays can be changed.

* Kevin Smith once picketed his own film.

* W.C. Fields has an epitaph on his gravestone referring to Philadelphia.

* The film Snakes on a Plane had new scenes filmed after the film was otherwise completed to incorporate, among other things, a line from an internet spoof of the film.

* An early film adaptation of Anna Karenina contained two versions of the ending, one happy and one sad.

* Frank Sinatra kept the Manchurian Candidate under wraps for years in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination.

* Elvis Presley’s first on-screen kiss became a Catholic nun a few years later.

* Frances McDormand almost lost her role in Blood Simple because she had to watch a soap opera.

* John Gilbert’s voice translated so poorly to “talkies” that his career was ruined.

* Die Hard was a screen adaptation of the sequel of a book that also was adapted into a film.

* Oliver Reed appeared in scenes in Gladiator filmed after the actor died.

* The FBI felt that It’s a Wonderful Life was communist propaganda.

* A scene had to be removed from the film The Program because teenagers were killed imitating it.

* Fritz Lang changed the title of his film, M, because he thought it sounded better and not because of any fear of Nazi persecution.

* Robert Towne’s original ending for Chinatown was about the complete opposite of the ending that Roman Polanski went with.

* There was an alternate ending filmed for Raiders of the Lost Ark that was cut from all U.S. prints of the film for fear it would be offensive to U.S. film-goers.

* Gone With The Wind used the line “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” in violation of the Motion Picture Association Production Code.

* William Wyler had a rather interesting excuse for not being there to accept his Best Director Academy Award in 1943.

* A trained camel saved Peter O’Toole’s life on the set of Lawrence of Arabia.

* The last words Walt Disney wrote before he died were “Kurt Russell”

* Waldo of Where’s Waldo fame appeared in Apocalypto.

* Roger Moore was Ian Fleming’s first choice to portray James Bond on film.

* Underage actors resulted in a number of interesting filming issues during Superbad.

* Stephen Spielberg directed his first work for a studio when he was 21 years old.

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