TV Urban Legends History

Here are quick descriptions of each of the previous editions of TV Urban Legends Revealed.

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* Cheers was a fire hazard.

* Empty Nest was a spin-off of The Golden Girls without actually spinning off any characters from the Golden Girls.

* There were no black people in Mayberry.

* Spike Milligan wore a shirt that said “Hashish” on it when he was on the Muppet Show.

* One of TV’s Friends had a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

* One of the stunt shots in the beginning of the Fall Guy was not even done by a stuntman.

* Aaron Spelling paid Luke Perry’s salary himself for the first two seasons of 90210.

* A British candid hidden camera show accidentally aired a man masturbating to a porno tape in his house live.

* Janitor was written in the first season and a half of Scrubs as though he was a figment of J.D.’s imagination.

* Warner Bros. sued a company over the rights to the term “Daisy Dukes.”

* The Simpsons edited a scene from re-airings of an episode because the original episode was offensive to those with Tourette’s Snydrome

* RTE turned down Father Ted because of a similar show already airing on RTE.

#5 – Good Times was not originally a spin-off of Maude.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz divorced twice.

An actor was fired from a TV movie where he played John Lennon because it was revealed that his name was Mark Chapman.

#6 – Clay Aiken learned of the results of American Idol Season 2 before they were revealed.

When Season 8 went to a Final 13 instead of a Final 12, that caused trouble due to a porn company owning all American Idol phone numbers beyond #1-12.

In Season 5, American Idol skipped Austin, Texas and just pretended that auditions in other cities were their Austin auditions.

#7 – At the end of the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, Burns would say “Say Goodnight, Gracie” and Allen would follow with, “Goodnight, Gracie.”

Allen Funt produced an adult version of Candid Camera called Candid Candid Camera.

A sketch written for a 1975 episode of Saturday Night Live ended up being used fourteen years later on the show.

#8 – Officers Renko and Hill were intended to be killed off at the end of the first episode of Hill Street Blues

Similarly, an episode was actually re-shot after airing to show a character who was killed surviving his attack so that they could bring him back.

An imposter came up on to the stage to accept Betty Thomas’ Emmy for her in 1985.

#9 – All My Children cut a storyline short in the middle of it because of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The police liaison to Dragnet ended up taking Lieutenant Joe Friday’s badge number when he made Lieutenant.

#10 – Jonathan Rollins on L.A. Law was based, at least in part, on Barack Obama.

The TV series Caprica was originally pitched NOT as a Battlestar Galactica tie-in!

A major character on Dark Shadows came into existence due to a typo!

#11 – West Wing was going to somehow have Leo McGarry end up as the President/Arnold Vinick was originally going to win the election until John Spencer died, and the producers decided they did not want Matt Santos to lose his running mate AND the election.

A perceived slight at an awards ceremony after Season 1 of the West Wing set off a chain of events that ended up with a plotline in a Season 3 episode.

Congressman Matt Santos was based on Barack Obama.

#12 – An episode of How I Met Your Mother contained an genuine wedding proposal!

James Michael Tyler’s ability to work a cappuccino machine got him a decade-long acting gig.

Rebecca Schaeffer’s murder led to the cancellation of My Sister Sam.

#13 – Before NBC got involved, Remington Steele was not going to exist…for real!

Pierce Brosnan had to turn down the role of James Bond because of his role on Remington Steele.

The DVD collection of the first season of Remington Steele had an embarrassing oversight.

#14 – 77 Sunset Strip was released in theaters specifically to take away rights from the show’s creator.

Edd Byrnes appeared on the pilot of 77 Sunset Strip as a totally different, and evil, character than Kookie.

NBC’s “Must See TV” was created for its Thursday night sitcom lineup.

#15 – Baretta was originally intended as a continuation of a previous series.

Joanna Kerns and Sandra Kerns are sisters (in the alternative, they are related)

The first two Emmy Awards for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series went to Robert Young for Father Knows Best.

#16 – Julie Newmar once had a particularly cutting response to a crude remark by Michael Dunn.

Larry David had scenes from an earlier episode of Seinfeld re-shot so that Jerry Stiller could play the role of Frank Costanza in all of the Frank Costanza appearances.

The last episode of Ellery Queen aired as an episode of Murder…She Wrote!

#17 – Kirstie Alley once had a publicist provide mother’s milk for Alley’s pet opossum.

Harrison Page was nominated for a Best Lead Actor Emmy Award for…Quantum Leap??!

MTV canceled the TV series Fear because a contestant was killed during filming of an episode.

#18 – Mister Ed was made to talk through the use of peanut butter on his lips (in the alternative, through tiny electric shocks).

Star Trek once got John Drew Barrymore suspended from the Screen Actors Guild!

Sammy Davis Jr. did not do the theme song for Baretta at first for a slightly out of the ordinary reason.

#19 – Omar was going to be killed off during Season 1 of The Wire.

Meg Foster was replaced as Christine Cagney because she made the show seem too much like it was about a pair of lesbians.

Doris Roberts hid a back injury so that she could be cast on Remington Steele.

#20 – Dan Haggerty lost his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because of a well-publicized drug bust.

X-Files and Picket Fences almost had a crossover episode until the network squashed it at the last minute.

Tom Selleck could have filmed Raiders of the Lost Ark AND done Magnum P.I.

#21 – An actor’s refusal to take of his wedding ring caused creative filming during the run of the TV series Hogan’s Heroes.

Life Goes On changed their theme song for the series finale to give some justice to their dog.

Ron Howard was hired for Happy Days based on his performance in American Graffiti.

#22 – The actress who played Judy on Family Matters went into adult films.

The actor who played Eddie Haskel went into adult films (alternatively, the actor who played Eddie Haskel changed his name to John Holmes and started doing adult films)

60 Minutes gained its famous time slot due to an FCC regulation.

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